Messing with Standard ML and Moscow ML, part one: The core language

Tue 18 March 2008


A cache of the original post is here.

I was playing with Moscow ML because I’ve wanted to give Standard ML a bash for a while now, but I could never get SML/NJ to play nice for me back when I tried it first on Windows. That …

From my ~/bin: find-duplicates

Mon 11 February 2008


This one was relatively populate for whatever reason. I’d recommend you use something like duff these days, though find-duplicates still works better in some circumstances.

I’m still kind of happy with this code though. Here is a cache of the original post.

This is is starting to …

Building an RPM package: a guide for the unwilling

Wed 16 January 2008

Some day, if you’re a software developer and develop software than runs on Linux, you will end up, whether you like it or not, having to build an RPM file.

I’ve just spent an absolutely inordinate amount of time working out how to do this. It wasn’t …

I’m finally happy with my terminal colours

Fri 05 October 2007

It’s been seven years since I’ve had a set of terminal colours that I’ve liked, but I think I’ve finally worked out the colour scheme I used to have back then. Here’s what I’m using now:

Palette element Colour Description
Text #A4CC28 Lime
Background …

The monologue

Fri 28 September 2007

[Original available here.]

I’m working on a monologue for a story I’m writing. Here’s what I have right now. The story’s metaphysical sci-fi. The character making the speech is meant to speak in a rather flowery and grandiloquent manner, so ignore that. What I want to …

SQL Tricks: SUM(), then COALESCE()

Tue 11 September 2007

Seeing as I’m after doing this for the umpteenth time just now, I thought I’d note it here. There’s no chance of me forgetting it, but somebody who doesn’t know the trick might find it useful.

I have to write quite a few reports where I …

I is yr redundant powur suplai…

Tue 19 June 2007


The original post is here.

I is yr redundant powur suplai, powurin' yr datacentur (hai, I can has break now?)

Not that this has anything to do with the power supply problems a certain Irish hosting company had recently or anything…

With kudos to Podge for the idea.

(The photo is derived from this one under this Creative Commons license.)

Update: Hmmm… it appears …

Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam

Mon 12 June 2006


The original is here, and it has some comments worth reading.

I’m, of course, referencing Risteárd Ó Bodchroitheadoir‘s (aren’t cross-linguistic puns a fine thing!) latest piece, “We Can Do Without Irish“. As with other pieces, whether I agree with the writer’s points or not is …

Fisking Kevin Myers: “Why I believe same-sex unions can never be called a marriage”

Thu 18 May 2006


This could’ve been written better, but I still stand by just about everything in it. I’ve vague recollections of just hammering the thing out and posting it. Myers was and remains somebody who ought to have been a wankstain on his father’s underpants. I’m glad …

Memoization in JavaScript

Thu 21 July 2005

About a fortnight ago, I was poking around the copy of Perl sitting on my laptop. I came across Having read the article that inspired it a few years back, I thought I’d take an attempt at implementing something to do the same in JavaScript.

Memoization is …

My C++ wrapper for the Expat XML parser

Tue 24 May 2005

Last year when I was writing Orpheus, I knocked out a C++ wrapper around Expat to make using it easier.

It consists of two classes. XMLParser is the Expat wrapper and sets up the event handlers and automates setup and teardown of the parser itself. XMLEvtHandler consists of a set …

Fixing JavaScript memory leaks for good

Tue 15 March 2005


I’ve edited this down a little bit. A snapshot of the original post is here.

I’m a fan of unobtrusive JavaScript and I’ve strove to make my JavaScript code as unobtrusive as possible for years now.

However, I discovered something about IE a while ago when …

Detecting broken images with JavaScript

Tue 22 February 2005


A cache of the original can be found here.

I hit an annoying problem with a project at work. It’s not my fault, there’s nothing wrong with the code, but sometimes things will happen: people will delete images out of the backend, not upload the image they …

I’m starting the hacker’s diet

Tue 28 September 2004


An old post from the second iteration of my blog. I was actually pretty down on myself back then about all this, though it only comes out here and there. This attempt, as you might guess, failed.

There’s one thing that I really dislike about myself, and that …

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