A self-improvement project by Keith Gaughan.

At the time of writing (March 2016), I feel I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my life, and I’m not sure exactly what to do with myself.

This blog is an attempt to give myself the kick I need to get myself out of the awful rut I find myself in right now.

You’re not going to find any bollocks here about ‘journeys’: I don’t do that kind of fluffy thinking. This is not a diary. This is not meant to inspire anybody, with the possible exception of myself. This is about me fixing myself by using an external motivation to replace my current lack of a strong internal motivation to do much.

That said, if somebody finds something useful here, all the better!

Possibly asked questions*

How do I contact you?

I couldn’t fathom why you’d want to: frankly, I’m not all that interesting a person. That said, my Twitter handle, if you want to make noises at me, is @talideon. I don’t give out my email address, but I’m sure you can either find it online somewhere or at the very least guess it. If you know me, you probably already know what it is already.

Don’t expect a reply though: I’m not big on talking to strangers. I might reply, but I might not. This isn’t anything to do with you, more a matter of my state of mind at the time.

You already have a blog; does this replace my original blog?

No. That’s becoming mainly a link aggregation blog and for shortform content. This blog will be for more longform content.

Is this a diary?

No. I might talk about my life here and there, but frankly there’s not very much in my life that makes for compelling reading. I’m just not that interesting.

There are some things I might write about when it comes to my life, but it’ll be in broad strokes on activities rather than specific events.

Is there a publishing schedule?

No, not currently. I haven’t decided whether or not to have a minimum number of posts per week or month. I might decide on some minimum, but I don’t want this to become a chore itself, as that would defeat the purpose.

You use strange words and turns of phrase. Why?

I’m Irish. I speak and write Irish English. Irish English isn’t the same as British or American English, and I have no intention of writing in either of those standards. The variety of English I use here is an aspect of who I am, and it would be dishonest to use AmE or BrE.

That means you may be puzzled by some of the words and phrases I use. You may be confused by some of the syntax and grammar. For instance, I use ‘you’ exclusively as a second person singular pronoun and ‘ye’ as its plural equivalent. This is fine in Irish English, but nonstandard elsewhere. It’s also less ambiguous, which makes it useful.

This is a personal blog: if I were to use another standard, I wouldn’t be writing in my own voice.

What are you using?

Pelican, and I’m keeping it on GitHub. The theme is currently based on the svbtle theme for Pelican, tweaked for my own use.

And why?

Well, it’s no great desire to do the hipster thing of using a static site generator. It’s a matter of practicality. I want to be able to write offline in a text editor that I’m comfortable with. I hate writing text in a browser window. Also, I’d like to be able to edit this stuff on my tablet in a very, very good terminal emulator.